Empowering Early-Career Developers

RubyConf 2018

Slides | Video | Blog November 13, 2018

How can teams invest in and grow their less experienced developers into team-leading senior devs? I believe the first step is empowering them. On my team, we’ve created a process for each team member to lead and own one of our core features. Our early-career developers are learning client management and team leadership skills that they wouldn’t usually get to practice until they stepped into a senior role. In this talk, I’ll share our process and what we’ve learned so you can give your early-career developers valuable experience they need to become successful, senior team members.

Dev Together and Mentorship

Tech Scene Chicago

Audio November 2, 2018

In this episode broadcast live on Nov. 2, 2018, host, Melanie Adcock, interviews Kristi Ross from tastytrade about the P33 Chicago Initiative and their mission to improve Chicago’s standing as a tech city and Mercedes Bernard about the Chicago Dev Together community and their unique approach to mentoring.

Empowering Entry-Level Developers

Tech Done Right Podcast

Audio October 10, 2018

How can your company empower your entry-level developers to grow their skills and advance their careers? If you are an entry-level developer, what are skills that are important for growth? Mercedes Bernard, a Senior Software Engineer at DevMynd, joins Tech Done Right to talk about empowering entry-level developers. We talk about giving people scaffolding to support them in owning larger and larger parts of a software process and how to align your entire company to support growth.

Getting SEO right for single page applications

JSCamp 2018

Slides | Blog September 22, 2018

Single Page Applications (SPAs) are trendy with developers but account managers and product owners are sometimes hesitant to get on board. Why? SEO. SPAs and search engines don't always play well together. This talk will identify some strategies and things to think about to improve SEO in your SPAs.

AskTHAT Live: Dev Together

AskTHAT Podcast

Video August 7, 2018

Chatting with Clark Sell, founder of THAT conference, about Dev Together, the community we're building, and some ideas for the future.

How to talk technical without talking technical

THAT Conference

Slides | Blog August 8, 2018

Think back to the last time you needed to communicate a technical concept to a client or executive in your company. You knew there were big benefits to be had by rearchitecting the data model or refactoring that monolithic application into a microservice architecture. Were you met with blank stares? Or a defensive attitude about how it cost too much and wasn’t worth it?

What about a lower stakes scenario where you were conducting a discovery workshop with a new client and you had so many ideas you could implement to improve their business. Were you able to communicate those ideas in a way that excited everyone in the room with you?

Or maybe you are early in your technology career and technical communication was never taught in your classroom. How do you begin?

After this talk, you will walk away with techniques for communicating complex technical concepts to a non-technical audience. Your stakeholders will be more likely to share your passion for tech and understand how your ideas will benefit their business. You will be more confident and as a result, the decision makers will have more confidence in you and the innovations you are pitching.

Crochet, Code, Craft

Madison Ruby

Slides | Video | Blog May 10, 2018

You wouldn’t believe how similar writing a crochet pattern is to writing code. There are hardware requirements, loops, methods, modeling diagrams, and more. In this talk, I show how reading and writing crochet patterns uses many of the same fundamental principles as coding. There are many practices we, as software developers, can borrow from the crafting community. I'll explore a few of those ideas and how approaching code as craft will make us better developers. After listening, you will walk away with an appreciation for how much we can learn from other disciplines and you might even become interested in learning to crochet!